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Learn Driving together
Hi, I am at the first year of Des Moines Area Community College (West Campus)
posted at 05/03/2011 16:13 by megandisney
I want to learn website design
I already learned HTML, CSS, and photoshop, but it seems not enough. I want to find someone can learn together.
posted at 04/21/2011 10:53 by MarlaWTowry
learn yoga this weekend
learn yoga
posted at 04/14/2011 23:47 by jeoy_g2012
learn how to write business letters
seems like very important but not easy... will spend some time this month
posted at 04/14/2011 23:39 by gregweek
learn how to play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
will play this weekend, you can join me..
posted at 04/14/2011 23:34 by jasonyang4
will start my career
need to learn how to work, office life, network, ...
posted at 04/14/2011 23:27 by anthonyca2
What is the plan after retire
Enjoy life or do something?
posted at 04/14/2011 23:24 by neerav2000
learn to keep myself healthy
want to learn something from Asia, anyone interested?
posted at 04/14/2011 22:36 by christina1983
try to learn how to make myself fit
will run every morning...
posted at 04/14/2011 22:32 by windinsand
who can teach me how to date?
need someone help me to date girls... I just don't know where to start....
posted at 04/14/2011 22:21 by webtraffic
New baby
good to know here. we can share some inforamtion about new baby...
posted at 04/14/2011 22:14 by glory_tomorrow
Learn and Play Ice hockey
start from this Saturday.
posted at 04/14/2011 22:03 by smilesun
Will practice singing
To sing well, I need to practice daily. I will probably take the program Singing Success.
posted at 04/14/2011 21:57 by vegasnight
learn chemical formulas
need to remember lots of formulas, which drive me crazy...
posted at 04/14/2011 21:40 by marknyc2010
learn how to play Texas Hold'em
we can learn and play together
posted at 04/14/2011 21:31 by techmaple
learn piano
will learn piano this year.
posted at 04/14/2011 21:26 by illinoisguy
learn making my own movie
I have some friends want to make a small movie about the food culture. If you have time and are interested, contact me.
posted at 04/14/2011 21:14 by JovaniLynch
learn French
anyone also learn french? I live in LA
posted at 04/14/2011 21:09 by try2012
learn fx day trading
have done stock day trading for a while, but feel the trend is controlled by big guy; heard fx is not easy to be influenced by specific group and i wi...
posted at 04/14/2011 20:52 by JulissaBruno
who also want to learn flying?
I am going to learn flying Piper Warrior (4-place) or Piper Tomahawk (2-place) want to find more people to learn together. I am in Princet...
posted at 04/14/2011 20:41 by KarleyJansen
prepare for my CFA for this June
who wants to learn together? I am in Boston.
posted at 04/14/2011 20:28 by lacieJohannessen
need to learn driving truck
want to find someone learn together, I have a small truck myself. you can learn with me.
posted at 04/14/2011 20:18 by oldnavy
learn oil paiting
who has good resources can recommend?
posted at 04/14/2011 19:29 by serendipity
Need to learn interial design
anyone interested in interail design or architecture/styles can contact me, we can share the information. My email is
posted at 04/14/2011 18:26 by nataleeMoreno
learn salsa
learn salsa in nyc, have fun
posted at 04/14/2011 18:04 by smartbaby
learn how to BBQ
try to make something really delicious
posted at 04/14/2011 17:53 by tristaWilliams
learn cooking indian food
I will get started with some basic Indian cuisine and then pratice more before making something professional.
posted at 04/14/2011 16:57 by JovaniLynch
try to learn excel in 1 week
any suggestions? I know it's a little bit short, but the fact is I need to start to use it once my job start... any advice will be helpful
posted at 04/14/2011 16:40 by lexcpatksl2
learn Java
my position was switched a little bit so that I must read some code of Sun server api or other open source stuff. anyone has better suggestions to lea...
posted at 04/14/2011 16:11 by EmelySchulz
learn how to fix computer
if u r an expert, contact me. I need to know how to fix some basic problems. it's for both of my home and job.
posted at 04/14/2011 15:42 by dayanaFrancois
learn how to programming
need to start write some code for my graduation project. C++ or Visual Basic... anyone want to learn together or help me?
posted at 04/14/2011 14:57 by cutisNieminen
learn how to give a killer presentation
start from powerpoint...
posted at 04/14/2011 14:50 by aprilflower
Need to make my communication better
Got several interview and also the presentation for my graduate project. Time to prepare....
posted at 04/14/2011 14:27 by aprilolsen
Improve my communication skills
I need to improve both of my oral and written communication skills. personal interview, group discussion, presentation, emails, business letters...,...
posted at 04/14/2011 11:33 by adrianleitner
Learn Martial Art
I want to learn Traditional Japanese Martial Art, is there any such class or meetup around Chicago area? you can contact me by email at trsta2011.arts...
posted at 04/10/2011 21:52 by tristaWilliams

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